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I was pointed in the direction of Heather Bailey’s blog at the weekend, and I just fell in love with this pincushion. It also occurred to me that rather than live in fear of dropping my little plastic box of pins as I carried them between sewing machine and ironing board, I should really make my own pincushion. I know, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it earlier either.

And so I present to you my very own Heather-Bailey-style pincushion. I had my doubts about the psychadelic-ness of the fabric halfway through (you’d think I’d have had them when I bought it, but no), but it all came together nicely.


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Finished needle-roll


Needle Roll

And I’m ridiculously freakin’ proud of it. I love the blue paisley and the polka dots with a passion. And it’s even padded, would you believe? My needles are getting such good care taken of them. More photos after the jump. (more…)

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Crafty goodness

Patchwork basket I’d really like to make this gorgeous patchwork basket, and a knitting needle roll based on this tutorial. I think the needle roll is first on my list, because I actually do need something to keep my needles together and tidy (instead of nipped together with a hair tie).

The basket I love, but can’t really think of a use for, unless I get one big enough to hold all my yarn. A nice idea, but we do not need more ‘stuff’ in our house. I suppose I could make one for our crafty family friend for Christmas, but I’ve got no idea what she’d do with it either. I’m enamoured, but it seems impractical.

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