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Lavender bags

I promised, and now I present…


These were so easy and so much fun to make, and as an added bonus the entire house smelled like lavender while I was making them. Delightfully girly, but not so much James’ cup of tea. Fair enough.

The green fabrics came from Blooming Quilts and the pink was leftover cotton from a previous project. I have to admit, normally I’m not all that much of a girly-girl, but something about lavender bags makes me throw caution to the wind and indulge in pink and green and buttons and ribbon.

(I should probably add that I finished up most of the bags with Alice Cooper on permanent repeat… so, girly with a hint of metal…)

More pictures after the jump.



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A light tent!

Yes, you heard me, a light tent. Looks a bit like a collapsible laundry hamper – all nylon and white and large with a hole in the middle – and makes photographing small objects super-easy and the results super-pretty. And it’s mine!

The ever-lovely James gave me one for Christmas, so you’ll be seeing more photos that look like this…Cherries

…and fewer photos that look like a hastily taken picture on the front deck. Yay!

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Thumbprint Owl Derek and Lauren at DesignSponge have a ‘how to’ for three of the coolest gift tags I’ve seen this year. Not to mention they’re super simple to make, and I love that. Click on the image above to go straight to the tutorial.

I think I may have to have to make some! (But only after I’ve finished all the lavender bags… they’ll be revealed soon.)

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No, it’s not.

I couldn’t help myself. I started Tudora on Saturday morning, and by the end of the day it was done. It’ll be months before I even start to think about wearing it, but I had the perfect wool in my stash and it just happened.

tudora2 tudora1

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Knitty‘s winter issue is out, and I’m quite in love. My needles, pushed to one side by quick-to-sew Christmas presents, are calling to me again and I’m finding it very hard to refuse…

Tudora looks like a quick, fun knit, and I can imagine Stardust being the perfect summer’s evening cardigan. (Do those words even go together? Oh how I wish I could call it something other than a cardigan – something that sounds romantic and cosy and a little bit sexy, but no… a cardigan it is.) As for Square Cake – so eager am I to start that I’ve already bought the DPNs for this, even though I’ve never used them before and the thought of all that fiddliness makes me nervous.

icequeenbeauty.jpgAnd then – oh, and then – there’s Ice Queen. Light and airy, pale and sparkly, would I ever wear it? Could I ever not look like a grandmother in it? Only if I wore it as a neckwarmer, but then no-one would ever see the beautiful scalloped edges, and do I really want to put all that work into something that no-one will notice? Quite possibly, yes. It’s a beauty.

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