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Smaller blossoms (and a bee)


This is the medium-sized sprig of blossoms from the May 1930 Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal. The bee was originally sitting over to the right of the sprig, and I’m not convinced he’s an integral part of the blossom design… I think placement is optional, so feel free to move him around.

And no, I have no idea what’s going on with that right-hand flower either. Some creative tracing may be required.


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These ShrinkyDinks rings by dillonDesigns are just gorgeous. Each ring is stamped with waterproof ink and the edges are painted gold.

Part of me thinks they just shouldn’t work, that they’re too crafty and stampy and shrinky dink to be cool, but truth is… they are cool. So cool I want to rush out and buy ShrinkyDinks right now.

(I won’t though. The last thing our house needs is more craft stuff in it, even if five sheets of plastic would take up way less room than fabric for a skirt, which is the other thing I’m toying with purchasing. And before you say, “A new skirt? But that sounds practical – you should definitely buy fabric!” I must warn you that I’ve acquired enough fabric in the last week for two skirts, a dress and a top, along with half a meter of fabric I just couldn’t resist that will, maybe, be turned into a bag. That doesn’t include the fabric I bought the week before to make a dress to wear to a wedding at the end of February, or the dress and coat I already have cut out and waiting to be sewn. No more fabric for me. Time to stop collecting and start making. Seriously.)

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Lingerie/baby transfers

Paragon 513

These are a few of the baby/lingerie designs from Paragon transfer #513. The flowers are delightfully delicate and could go anywhere, but you probably don’t want to embroider ‘baby’ on your underwear.

Then again, perhaps you do.

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Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal

Weldon’s Ladies’ JournalHere we are – the first transfer from the 1930 Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal sheet. Three additional copies (in yellow) would set you back 3d plus postage.

Click on the image for the full-size pattern.

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Poetry on mittens? Genius! Genius from the late 18th century, what’s more. I so want to make a pair. They’re just so freakin’ awesome.

Maybe I’ll even knit the words to Rain into them.

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…this is the stash I bought on TradeMe the other week.

transfers1.jpg weldon.jpg

There are kids transfers, cross stitch transfers, 16 of the transfer sheets from a ‘build your collection weekly’ needlework magazine, and even a set of smocking dots! One day I’ll learn how to do that.

There are also two beautiful vintage transfer sheets from the Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal. The blue one (collar designs) is from 1926, and the yellow one (floral designs) is from 1930. They’re still in great condition, although I don’t think I’d try to iron them on anymore! I’ve scanned the yellow one, so when I get a chance I’ll try to tidy up one or two of the images and post them here for your stitching pleasure – they really are too gorgeous not to be worked.

books.jpgThe fun doesn’t end there, though! There were three books of iron-on transfers as well – one of cross-stitch, two of embroidery – including a Paragon book of the sweetest baby and lingerie designs. Four untouched pages remain (all the same), along with, I think, two pages that have been cut apart. My needle fingers are itching. (It’s lucky James’ sister’s having a baby, I say!)

Close-up of the baby and lingerie designs after the jump…


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Lavender bags, part deux

annaabby.jpg I’ve been quiet, yes, but not unproductive. Apart from reading (oh so good) and lazing in the sun, I’ve been playing with embroidery. It’s been a long time since I’ve wielded a needle for anything but hemming, seaming or attaching buttons to pincushions, but it seems to be coming back.

I still can’t create an adequate stem stitch, but bring on French knots and chain stitch! Even my satin stitch is coming along, and I thought that would elude me forever.

So, just above we have the tops of what will become two more lavender bags. Yes, I know. When will it end? When I run out lavender, that’s when. And given the amount I currently have stashed, that could be a long, long time away.

Oh – the patterns. Anna’s is from a vintage embroidery transfer I bought on TradeMe, and Abby’s is from Needlecrafter’s library of patterns. I printed it out back-to-front and traced the pattern with an iron-on transfer pencil (like this, or this). I discovered them just before Christmas: when you place the traced pattern face-down on your fabric and iron over it, the image transfers. I can’t believe I didn’t know about that earlier.

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