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Buttons buttons buttons!

Buttons don’t ordinarily fascinate me (at least, no more than any other item of haberdashery) and I’m not really feelin’ the current ‘vintage button’ trend, but this shop – Buttons Buttons Buttons down in The Rocks in Sydney – gave me pause.

I don’t know that I’d have gone in had it been open, but seeing all those lovely colours stacked up together and knowing that no two tubes contain the same button made me happy. One day I will need buttons. I only hope I can find a place like this when I do.

(Also, yay for trans-Tasman long weekends!)


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DillonDesignRemember these? PlanetJune now has a tutorial for making your own ShrinkyDinks rings.

They’re still cool, but I’m still not going to buy ShrinkyDrinks. Yet.

[via Craft: blog]

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Still here!

I’m still here, just haven’t had much to share. We’ve got a wedding to go to next weekend (James’ brother’s), and I had the brilliant idea to make my dress. Cheaper, and way more satisfying, right?

Part of the problem may be that KwikSew patterns aren’t terribly size-specific, and when you’re making a dress with a fitted bodice, that matters. A size 12 and a size 14 are both ‘medium’ sizes, but one’s likely to leave the back of my dress gaping. Me and Ms Dressform have become very well-acquainted over the last three weeks, as have me and Mr Seam-Ripper, and me and Mrs I-can’t-believe-it’s-still-too-big. Happily, I now only have the hem to go. Unhappily, I hate hemming. Pictures when it’s done.

Having spent so long on something I feel sure should’ve taken me only a weekend at the most, I felt the need make something quick and easy yesterday, and so I present: the less-than-50-cm-of-fabric tote.


It’s from Sew Smart with only 50cm Cloth! Genius, absolutely genius. (There’s a second book in the same vein and I think it’s only a matter of time before my will-power crumbles and I order it.) [Edited to add: they’re both in Japanese, which I don’t speak. At least, not well. I can scrounge the odd word out of the (minimal) text, but the key point is that the measurements are in roman numerals, and the diagrams are good enough that you don’t need to be able to read anything anyway.]

The bag was so quick to make – maybe 2 hours at the most – and it came with the added bonus of making me feel virtuous, because it used the half meter of fabric I bought the other month. Yay!


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Finished lavender bags

I finally got around to finishing the lavender bags for Anna and Abby. I keep picking them up and giving them a squeeze, and it finally dawned on me that I should make some for myself. Then I wouldn’t have to part with them!

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Banana Chocolate Chip slice

The latest issue of Taste arrived on Monday, and it was out of it’s wrapper and half-read before I was even inside. Sounds impressive, but nothing enables new-magazine-reading like discovering you’ve forgotten your keys and are now locked out of the house. In the pouring rain.

James couldn’t leave work to let me in, but one of his co-workers was meeting friends in town and offered to drop James’ key to me on the way. I hadn’t intended to spend an hour of my evening huddled on the doorstep, turning pages with one hand while trying to shelter myself behind a magazine-sized piece of plastic with the other, but these things happen.

My self-inflicted exile turned up this though: Banana Chocolate Chip Slice. Not only is it excellent for kids’ lunches (apparently – I’ll have to take Taste’s word on that), it’s perfect as a ‘thanks for going out of your way so I could get inside’ kind of thing. Because you can’t give pretty fabric cards to everyone, unfortunately.

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One sheet of paper

snowballsii2_sune_web.jpg webdowntheriverii1_sune.jpg webcloset1_ebbe.jpg

Danish artist Peter Callesen creates the most sublime paper sculptures I’ve ever seen, and many are cut from only one sheet of paper. Simple concept, beautiful execution, and proof, if you needed it, that less really can be more.

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