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Feijoa – Kris SowersbyThis is definitely more art than craft, but I’m gonna share anyway.

I was browsing Typographica (as you do) and came across the ‘Oscars of type design’ – their favourite typefaces of 2007. Their list includes not one but two typefaces from Wellingtonian Kris Sowersby of the KLIM type foundry: FF Meta Serif (co-designed) and Feijoa.

Freakin’ Rock Star.


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lgwrmtut1.jpgAlthough one of my close friends is entirely capable of wearing legwarmers and looking every bit the stylish girl, I’ve harboured the nagging suspicion that on me the effect would be quite the opposite.

Until I saw these.

‘Oh,’ I thought, ‘maybe.’

And then I saw the grey pair here, and knew for sure. I would stand a better chance at rocking those legwarmers than any other pair in the history of toasty ankles.

Sadly, the only fleece I have is baby pink so I won’t be making them any time soon. Having just finished tidying my fabric stash – and realising exactly how many clothes are waiting in the wings – I don’t think I should add to it until it’s been considerably depleted.

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Quick and easily finishable

Dress shoulder Dress hem

So I managed to hold off for all of, oh, let’s say 10 minutes, before I cracked and made something for Hannah.

The pattern is Simplicity 3808, which fits from XXS to 18 months – I actually remembered to trace the pattern onto baking paper first, so I can still make bigger sizes later on – and I was sold on it the moment I saw the pleats in the front. And the buttons, and the contrast facings, but mostly the pleats.

The scalloped hem – optional – and the curved shoulder straps are a bit fiddly, but otherwise the sewing’s plain sailing (unless buttonholes worry you, but they’re really not as scary as they seem).

Picture of the whole dress after the jump. (more…)

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It’s a little late, but pictures of the dress as promised. Unironed, straight from the suitcase. I really do like it, but the dress and I… well… we need a little time apart. Just a little break, then I’ll be finding any excuse to wear again.

Full dress Dress and wrap

I ended up making the wrap as well (a length of satin-backed crepe, folded in half, seamed and top-stitched to make it tidy), because I couldn’t find a top to go with the dress. The pin, on the other hand, I’ve had for years. I originally intended to make it into a hair pin, but I never did so it’s stayed tucked in my drawer, waiting for the right occasion.

pin close-up

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New priority.

I have a list of things to do that’s as long as my arm – most involve cleaning and/or tidying – but I’ve just realised I left out something very important.

Whiskey Peanut Fudge.

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Well, just the one, really.

James’ sister and her husband welcomed Hannah Kate into the world on February 26! (If you’ve been paying attention, yes, that was 3 days before James’ brother’s wedding. I hesitate to use the word ‘upstaged’, but only for a second.)

And you know what that means.

Baby crafts!

Otherwise known as: small, easily finishable projects.


Hey, did I ever share the baby booties I knitted for Xmas? Let me rectify that right this instant.

The pattern, which I love because it looks fancy, is really simple, and is knitted flat, is free from Tangleknits. True, the booties are blue, but switch out the white ribbons for pink ones and they’ll be fine. Or Hannah Kate could just confuse everyone she meets.

Rock on challenging gender stereotypes!

[ETA: I had a 50/50 chance with the colour of the booties – whether the baby would be a boy or a girl was still a mystery at that stage.]

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