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A quick birthday treat

But, alas, not for me.

The bunny and eggs are a result of Anna complaining that she hadn’t brought any of her Easter eggs back from Christchurch, so was missing her customary stash of post-Easter chocolate. Just as well one of the local stores had over-ordered and were selling their Easter goodies half price. (Also just as well Anna doesn’t read this blog. It’s the thought that counts, right?)

I didn’t embroider the bag they’re in, but I did whip up the card from Still Dottie‘s fabric stitched notecard tutorial. Not having any cute festive fabric on hand, I used a square of Basic Grey Hippie (from the Romani range) and stitched it with pink thread. I didn’t think about how to hide the thread ends until I’d finished, but they’re just pulled to the wrong side, tied in a knot and cut short. Unbelievably easy.



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H is for Hannah

Album front

For some reason I always think mini-albums are going to be really fast to put together. As in I-sat-down-to-watch-TV-and-oh-look-I-have-a-finished-album fast. I’ll give you made-in-a-weekend fast, but I’m not budging from there.

I had a spare 6×6 album lying around, and, since I’m wracked with guilt about never finishing the wedding album I may have mentioned (foolishly) once upon a time for Hannah’s parents, I thought a small baby album might earn me some Brownie points. Plus, I’d recently rediscovered Cathy Zielske’s baby album template – perfect! This album would virtually make itself!

Blank pages

It really would’ve too, if I hadn’t decided to make a whole new cover from scratch. Not hard, but time-consuming, and given my record with the wedding album (three years and counting) I really wanted this album to arrive within the first year…

There’s are calendar pages for each month of Hannah’s first year, interspersed with “memorable moments” journalling pages and blank pages for photos or memorabilia. I didn’t intend it to be a definitive record of Hannah’s first year, just a place where mum and dad can record some of the things that happen. A no pressure, do whatcha want kind of deal.

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Not a stash-bust

Black shirt-dress

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that – despite my continued intention to buy no more fabric until I’ve used some of my old – the only way this dress could be considered stash busting is if you count the reel and a half of black thread I used up. Oops.

Having said that, I don’t feel guilty about having made it. I’ve been hanging out for a shirt-dress since I tried on a very-nice-but-not-quite-nice-enough black cotton version at the A/X Armani Exchange store in Sydney. It pained both of us to leave it behind, but it just didn’t fit as well as the price-tag suggested it should. Indeed, none of the shirt-dresses I subsequently perused (and there were many) met with approval either. Too short, too shapeless, didn’t like the sleeves… it’s a hard road finding the perfect dress.

And then we came home, where there’s nary a shirt-dress to be found – at least, not in any shop windows – so I followed a new path, the path of PatternReview.com. If I was going to find the shirt-dress pattern of my dreams anywhere, it would be there. I checked out a few patterns. I pondered. I hemmed and hawed. And I decided. McCall 4769 it was.

Honest to goodness, I’d never have looked twice at that pattern if it weren’t for the photo accompanying Erica B‘s review. The McCall’s sample photo has to be one of the least flattering ever. And, would you believe, the photo on the pattern envelope is even worse? Same style but a light-blue fabric with cliched images of Paris printed on it, and a size too big for the model. They even went to the trouble of making another matching bag. I could only keep Erica’s picture firmly in mind and trust that the finished result would be more style than vile.

I think it is. The collar/lapel/facing had me stumped, in part because I’ve never sewn a collar before, aided by the instructions being… concise, and abetted by the fact that I didn’t transfer the markings from the pattern to the pieces. (Oh shut up. As if you’ve never thought ‘how hard can it be?’) In the end I hand-sewed them. I’m not sure I’m any the wiser about how the collar/lapel/facing is supposed to go together, but at least I know to mark the dots next time.

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Wedding Card

Belated post, that is; the card itself was ready in time for the wedding. It was a close squeak though, which is why the only photos I have are of it on the present. Heh.

The ribbon and wreath design is Vogart 135 (minus the ‘his’ and ‘hers’), and the monograms are from Vogart 122. They’re both courtesy of Floresita – thank you so much for making these patterns available, I love ’em!

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