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Just for you…

…a second set of vintage advertising bookmarks available for download as a PDF over there on the right. This time around there’s Pepsi, Schlitz beer, Ethyl gasoline, Tanfastic self-tanner, Lea & Perrins, and nylon (just in general, apparently).

Don’t worry, the grungy edges aren’t on the actual bookmarks — you’ll have to get out the sandpaper (or the Photoshop) if you want your own wear and tear.

[Oh alright, maybe they’re a little because I was procrastinating about work, but mostly they’re just for you.]


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So I found myself with not enough hands to keep my place in the book I was using as reference and type at the same time, when it occurred to me…

…if I had a bookmark, I’d regain the use of my left hand.

No longer would I have to try to fit my elbow in between the pages. I could use keyboard shortcuts with ease. I could even keep track of several useful pages at once!

Combine that practicality with some delightful 1950s illustrated advertising, and you get your very own personalised bookmarks. Seems my subconscious was all about food and drink when I made these — Coke, marshmallows, beer, chips and McDonalds. Oh, and a chap in a short skirt fighting what appears to be a mechanical octopus.  Yeah,  I don’t know either.

[Vintage illustrations from a variety of sources, including vintage octopus pulp covers and Flickr groups mid-century illustrated and vintage advertising.]

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Word on the street is that Random House is having a book sale this Sunday, 15 June, with proceeds going to Literacy Aotearoa. Now there’s a very fine cause.

The nitty gritty: 18 Poland Road, Glenfield, North Shore City, with doors open from 9am to 2pm.

I don’t know if there’ll be any books on craft in their stash, but if you’re looking for a cheap book (prices start at $1) to alter, tear up or make something else out of, you probably can’t go far wrong. [via: Beattie’s Book Blog]

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The weather’s been so dreadful, and I was so excited to actually put this pencil tin into use that I’ve got ‘action photos’! This is (a small portion of) my desk at work. I used to use a chipped coffee cup to hold my pencils, but while it was adequate it wasn’t really stylish. I think this is a definite improvement.

The embroidery pattern is from Badbird (aka Andrea Zuill). I’ve had it in the back of my mind to stitch ever since she originally posted it, but was waiting for the right project to come along.

The can cover is made almost exactly the same way as last time, but I gave up the hand stitching along the back seam and just machine sewed it, making a long tube to pull over the can. The lining just folds down inside. I think next time I’ll only sew the back seam as far as the rim of the can, leaving the lining free to overlap inside; it’s a little ‘ruffly’ on this one because it didn’t fit perfectly. Still, it’s on the inside so it’ll almost never be seen.

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On ideas and design…

…which makes this post sound rather more pretentious (and meaningful) than it’s ever going to be.

Did anyone make it to Pecha Kucha? A small group of us gathered — short notice and all — and trundled off to The New Dowse for what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. As to be expected, some speakers were better than others, but even the dull ones only lasted 6m40s (although it turns out that’s more than enough time to read all the artist names within viewing distance on the courtyard windows).

The stand-out speakers for me were Jo Randerson, David Cross, Chris Morley Hall and, you know, that type guy I go on about a bit. I hate to use the word ‘inspiring’ because it seems that absolutely everything is inspiring these days, so let’s just say that I came away from the evening feeling reinvigorated. The next Pecha Kucha Night is at the City Gallery at the end of July. I’ll definitely be in for that.

[ETA: If you want to see Kris Sowersby’s slideshow and talk, it’s now available on the Pecha Kucha website, along with all the others. Yay!]

* * *

On the design front, I’ve been enjoying Smashing Magazine lately, especially their monthly desktop wallpaper competition. At the moment VladStudio’s whale is making me happy. Last month I fell for a lovely chocolately number, and I’m almost a little too excited to see what July’s offerings will be.

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