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Some crafty offerings…

…because I’m not even halfway through my halloween costume, and the house needs to be cleaned this weekend in preparation for next week’s flat inspection.

In the meantime, here’s some stuff I like. A lot.

Still Dottie’s gorgeous feather and flower headband — tutorial here // The most amazing paper mache pumpkins — tutorial at Stolloween // Buffalo plaid vest… just yes. It’s almost enough to make me wish it were autumn. Full instructions on how to make it (and a number of other lovely things) are here.


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Ennui update

Despite the occasional downpour, it’s definitely starting to feel as though spring is indeed springing. Daylight Savings helps too — there’s nothing like getting home while it’s still light outside.

So far I’ve not succumbed to the Catslife Press temptations. In fact, I’ve put a self-imposed ban on new scrapbook supplies until next year. I re-organised my stash a couple of weeks ago, and was a little horrified by the amount of stuff I have.

It also means that the wonderful, talented and gorgeous James gave me my birthday present early, and I’m impatiently waiting for ‘Design Your Life‘ to kick off. No more supplies until I’ve completed the course and finally paid attention to the things I actually enjoy using. Note that that’s using, not just looking at. I did have to acquire something resembling kraft cardstock though, which seems to be almost impossibly difficult find. Does anyone have a reliable source for it?

Lastly, I managed to cool my desire to participate in The Scavenger Project. Well, when I say ‘cooled my desire’, I really mean the terms and conditions for the project poured buckets of icy water all over it:

Legal Stuff

By submitting artwork to Art House, LLC, you grant Art House, LLC a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to that information at its sole discretion, including storing it on http://www.arthousecoop.com servers and incorporating it in other works in any media now known or later developed without limitation.

It doesn’t specifically state that it’s an exclusive license, but since they get to exercise ‘all copyright and publicity rights’, it’s hard to see how it’s not. My art becomes their art? Um, no. Thanks.

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Craft round-up

Despite being generally un-enthused about most things recently, I’ve still been producing the odd crafty item.

That stash of embroidery floss I bought from the stitcher’s closet was carefully selected to cover most of the patterns in Beatrix Potter Counts, and one of my very favourite patterns was the tailor of Gloucester. Plus, he’s apt for a needlebook, which is what he’ll be turning into.

The comfort shawl is coming along quicker than I expected, although I may have been  hasty in starting the eyelet rows. I’m kind of hoping it’ll grow when blocked. I know blocking isn’t mandatory for it, but I’m thinking that I’ll really need it to grow. Either that or I’ll just have a lot of eyelet rows.

I’ve just finished a truly inexpert toadstool baby rattle – I created, dropped and split stitches all over the place. Pictures to come when the light is decent. I read a few reviews that commented on how big they turn out, but seriously, this thing is about the size of Hannah’s head! I may try another at half-size.

I also finished off a pencil tin just for James, but that one will get a post of its own because, well, it contains adult language…

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On wheeee!

I seem to be suffering end-of-winter blues, which is not, as you might think, a sadness that winter has ended. While I love a warm fire and rainy days with no guilt about staying inside reading/crafting/gaming, I’m heartily sick of layers, being cold, and being deprived of sun. I need something to bring me out of this wintery ennui.

I did get pretty excited to see the new Knitty up this morning — I only wish I had the patience to finish Camden, but I can’t see it happening any time soon. I’m also quite fond of Abrazo.

Other stuff I’ve been eyeing up…

Right, must be about time for dinner. Perhaps that will sort out my funk!

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Back again…

I could get used to this skiing, eating, sleeping, chasing keas thing.

[Photo by the gorgeous and talented James.]

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A brief interlude

I’m heading south for a week or so, to soak up the freezing cold and get snow in my pants (my ability to stay upright on skis leaves something to be desired), none of which will affect my blogging schedule in the least — mostly because I just don’t post often enough for you to notice if I take a week off.

I’m taking Aunt Phebe’s Comfort Shawl to work on — it’s easy knitting, even if it’ll still probably take me years to finish — but I’ve also been entranced by Leafcutter Designs’ conceptual knitting ideas. I thought about making a sky scarf while I was away, but I’ve got no money for yarn and I don’t actually want a stripy scarf. I do love the idea though, so perhaps I’ll take a notebook and mark down a variety of things (skifields, half day/full day/none, sky colour, rain, snow), then turn them into something when I get back.

[via: Whip Up]

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Headline News

From Stitch’n’Bitch Nation, I present my first completed project knitting in the round: Headline News.

It was the perfect size when it came off the needles, but my stitches were a little uneven. Nothing a little blocking couldn’t fix, I thought.

Blocking certainly evened out the stitches, but my beautiful hat also came out a size larger! I was horrified. Nothing a little trip in the dryer couldn’t fix, suggested James.

I love that man. It’s still a little on the large side so I’ll probably send it for another trip in the dryer sometime, but it’s definitely wearable now.

Circular needles and dpns were something I had a bit of a mental block about. Cables, short rows, lace… none of that scared me, but joining up stitches? Eek!

Turns out my mother was right though: “Oh, Sarah! Knitting in the round is easy, honestly.”

So easy was it that I made two. The variegated version (below) was the trial run. If that worked, I’d make a ‘final’ version. If it didn’t, then the beauty of knitting is that yarn, when frogged, can be turned into something else.

Happily, it did work. My yarn was a little bulkier than the pattern called for so the finished hat feels a little over-sized, but nothing requiring dryer action.

I didn’t have quite enough in my stash to complete the hat, so bought another skein without checking the numbers… Who knew they’d make another grey mix? The edge of the brim is slightly darker than the rest of the hat – I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I could always try dying it…

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