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Five-minute chocolate cake

Craft: magazine featured a five-minute microwave chocolate cake the other day – now there’s something hard to resist. The comments weren’t entirely favourable though, and the idea of three tablespoons of oil in a one-cup cake seemed… excessive.

A little searching uncovered a slightly modified version which replaces half the oil with yoghurt. Promising, and definitely worth a crack. I added a handful of chocolate chips to the mix because I had them, and extra chocolate is almost never a bad idea.

I used a ‘cup’ a little smaller than a latte bowl – the amount of batter is generous – so I’d recommend using either the biggest cup you own, or a small bowl. True to expectation the cake rose above the rim of the cup while cooking, and sank back to its original state at the end. Since there’s no rising agent in the batter I opted not to keep cooking the daylights out of it, and let it sit for a minute.

Turning it onto a plate and digging a fork in revealed it to be deliciously moist, dense and chocolatey. I mean, it’s no gateux (mine was the teeniest bit chewy), but if you’re craving an immediate chocolate cake fix, it’s hard to go past.

Five-minute chocolate cake

4 Tbs plain flour
4 Tbs caster sugar
2 Tbs cocoa
1 egg
3 Tbs milk
2 Tbs vanilla yogurt
1.5 Tbs vegetable oil
handful of chocolate chips

Mix dry ingredients together in a large cup (something about the size of a latte bowl seems to work well), then add wet ingredients and stir until mixed.

Microwave uncovered on High for 3 minutes, then let stand for a minute. The cake will rise a little above the rim of the cup, but sink again at the end of cooking.

Turn out onto a plate, add a scoop of ice-cream, a drizzle of cream or a spoonful of yoghurt and eat!


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Just in case you ever need to know…

There’s an excellent post over at VeganYumYum on food photography.

(And if you ever need to impress someone with vegan food, you can’t go wrong with Comtessa‘s vegan chocolate raspberry cake from Moore Wilson on Tory Street.)

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New priority.

I have a list of things to do that’s as long as my arm – most involve cleaning and/or tidying – but I’ve just realised I left out something very important.

Whiskey Peanut Fudge.

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Banana Chocolate Chip slice

The latest issue of Taste arrived on Monday, and it was out of it’s wrapper and half-read before I was even inside. Sounds impressive, but nothing enables new-magazine-reading like discovering you’ve forgotten your keys and are now locked out of the house. In the pouring rain.

James couldn’t leave work to let me in, but one of his co-workers was meeting friends in town and offered to drop James’ key to me on the way. I hadn’t intended to spend an hour of my evening huddled on the doorstep, turning pages with one hand while trying to shelter myself behind a magazine-sized piece of plastic with the other, but these things happen.

My self-inflicted exile turned up this though: Banana Chocolate Chip Slice. Not only is it excellent for kids’ lunches (apparently – I’ll have to take Taste’s word on that), it’s perfect as a ‘thanks for going out of your way so I could get inside’ kind of thing. Because you can’t give pretty fabric cards to everyone, unfortunately.

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