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Craft round-up

Despite being generally un-enthused about most things recently, I’ve still been producing the odd crafty item.

That stash of embroidery floss I bought from the stitcher’s closet was carefully selected to cover most of the patterns in Beatrix Potter Counts, and one of my very favourite patterns was the tailor of Gloucester. Plus, he’s apt for a needlebook, which is what he’ll be turning into.

The comfort shawl is coming along quicker than I expected, although I may have been  hasty in starting the eyelet rows. I’m kind of hoping it’ll grow when blocked. I know blocking isn’t mandatory for it, but I’m thinking that I’ll really need it to grow. Either that or I’ll just have a lot of eyelet rows.

I’ve just finished a truly inexpert toadstool baby rattle – I created, dropped and split stitches all over the place. Pictures to come when the light is decent. I read a few reviews that commented on how big they turn out, but seriously, this thing is about the size of Hannah’s head! I may try another at half-size.

I also finished off a pencil tin just for James, but that one will get a post of its own because, well, it contains adult language…


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…these knitted toadstool baby rattles from The Purl Bee.

Could be the steady stream of grey and miserable weather we’re having, but the colours make me so happy.

Pattern available here, for free. Love it.

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Poetry on mittens? Genius! Genius from the late 18th century, what’s more. I so want to make a pair. They’re just so freakin’ awesome.

Maybe I’ll even knit the words to Rain into them.

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No, it’s not.

I couldn’t help myself. I started Tudora on Saturday morning, and by the end of the day it was done. It’ll be months before I even start to think about wearing it, but I had the perfect wool in my stash and it just happened.

tudora2 tudora1

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Knitty‘s winter issue is out, and I’m quite in love. My needles, pushed to one side by quick-to-sew Christmas presents, are calling to me again and I’m finding it very hard to refuse…

Tudora looks like a quick, fun knit, and I can imagine Stardust being the perfect summer’s evening cardigan. (Do those words even go together? Oh how I wish I could call it something other than a cardigan – something that sounds romantic and cosy and a little bit sexy, but no… a cardigan it is.) As for Square Cake – so eager am I to start that I’ve already bought the DPNs for this, even though I’ve never used them before and the thought of all that fiddliness makes me nervous.

icequeenbeauty.jpgAnd then – oh, and then – there’s Ice Queen. Light and airy, pale and sparkly, would I ever wear it? Could I ever not look like a grandmother in it? Only if I wore it as a neckwarmer, but then no-one would ever see the beautiful scalloped edges, and do I really want to put all that work into something that no-one will notice? Quite possibly, yes. It’s a beauty.

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Finished needle-roll


Needle Roll

And I’m ridiculously freakin’ proud of it. I love the blue paisley and the polka dots with a passion. And it’s even padded, would you believe? My needles are getting such good care taken of them. More photos after the jump. (more…)

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Two-tone tote


I finished and felted my two-tone tote! It’s not quite as ‘totey’ as I expected, but I still love it. I think it needs a closure though, because it has a tendency to gape a bit, so I’ve bought some snaps for it. Just gotta sew ’em on, and hopefully I’ll have a totally cool and functional new bag.

I nearly ran out of dusky rose, but since I hadn’t totally felted my swatch I just frogged and used that. I also had to resort to nipping off some skein-change-ends so I wouldn’t run out of yarn for the i-cord. It was a little touch-and-go, but I got there.

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