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Rockstar magic

You know how sometimes your job title just doesn’t do justice to how awesome your job actually is? When you’d rather be a ‘Director of First Impressions’ than a receptionist, or a ‘Nerd-Rustler’ instead of an IT recruitment specialist? Or, as James and his workmates debated, something much, much cooler-sounding than a ‘digital modeller’.

I think they’ve got proper fancy titles hidden away somewhere, but what they really wanted was something that said, ‘Yes! I make magic! With pixels! But not ordinary magic. Rockstar magic! Rockstar pixel magic! Yes! You heard me! Magic!’. But ‘Rockstar Pixel Magician’ kinda says Siegfried and Roy — not the Penn and Teller they were hoping for.

Then inspiration struck.

And I stitched it onto a pencil tin for posterity.

[Caution: contains adult language. Viewer discretion advised.]



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Craft round-up

Despite being generally un-enthused about most things recently, I’ve still been producing the odd crafty item.

That stash of embroidery floss I bought from the stitcher’s closet was carefully selected to cover most of the patterns in Beatrix Potter Counts, and one of my very favourite patterns was the tailor of Gloucester. Plus, he’s apt for a needlebook, which is what he’ll be turning into.

The comfort shawl is coming along quicker than I expected, although I may have been  hasty in starting the eyelet rows. I’m kind of hoping it’ll grow when blocked. I know blocking isn’t mandatory for it, but I’m thinking that I’ll really need it to grow. Either that or I’ll just have a lot of eyelet rows.

I’ve just finished a truly inexpert toadstool baby rattle – I created, dropped and split stitches all over the place. Pictures to come when the light is decent. I read a few reviews that commented on how big they turn out, but seriously, this thing is about the size of Hannah’s head! I may try another at half-size.

I also finished off a pencil tin just for James, but that one will get a post of its own because, well, it contains adult language…

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The prettiest thing

I’ve held on to this secret for long enough, appalling as it is…

The Stitcher’s Closet is going out of business.

Sheryl’s physical store closes this Saturday, but the web store will stay up until the stock is gone. Everything’s discounted, but, as sad as that is, a parcel of embroidery thread in the most divine colours can really brighten your day.

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Much ado about owls

I’m not sure what it is about owls that has captured everyone’s imagination at the moment — I can’t think of anything else that’s hit the craft world with such wide-reaching appeal, although that probably means I just haven’t been paying attention.

For me, owls are inextricably linked to the 70s. Flowery orange wallpaper, woodgrain veneer and owls. Not that that’s going to stop me jumping on the bandwagon now and again…

I’ve been thinking about how to dress up my peg bag, which, while practical, was looking pretty plain. Not in a pretty pretty way either. And then I stumbled upon this Aunt Martha’s transfer at Golding Handcrafts.

Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah.

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Wedding Card

Belated post, that is; the card itself was ready in time for the wedding. It was a close squeak though, which is why the only photos I have are of it on the present. Heh.

The ribbon and wreath design is Vogart 135 (minus the ‘his’ and ‘hers’), and the monograms are from Vogart 122. They’re both courtesy of Floresita – thank you so much for making these patterns available, I love ’em!

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Finished lavender bags

I finally got around to finishing the lavender bags for Anna and Abby. I keep picking them up and giving them a squeeze, and it finally dawned on me that I should make some for myself. Then I wouldn’t have to part with them!

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Smaller blossoms (and a bee)


This is the medium-sized sprig of blossoms from the May 1930 Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal. The bee was originally sitting over to the right of the sprig, and I’m not convinced he’s an integral part of the blossom design… I think placement is optional, so feel free to move him around.

And no, I have no idea what’s going on with that right-hand flower either. Some creative tracing may be required.

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